10 Boracay photos that would still make you go there


In the 1950s, the Island was initially a vegetable and fruit plantation land, then became popular for tourists in 1970s, most likely after a Hollywood movie Too Late the Hero was filmed there.

Boracay became internationally well-known even voted as the best island in the world in 2012.

But lately, it is receiving a lot of criticism for its over-development, even planning to cut the remaining group of trees to make way for new resort structures. Also, the problem of sanitation that might affect its drink-water. One newspaper entitled its article with “Boracay: On the edge of disaster”.

Nowadays, the famous Boracay Island gets mixed of reactions – both good and bad. Despite this negativity, there are still good reasons to go there, so I’m posting 10 photos, that I hope would motivate you to go there.

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The pristine white sand is probably the first reason why Boracay is very popular.

The fine white sand beaches is what made Boracay Island famous internationally.

Station 2, is where you can find small tourist shops, restaurants and hotels. So if you’re looking for the noisy, busy and party part of the island, just go straight to Station 2.


Many weddings are also hold here in Boracay.


Banca or wooden boats such as this one, can be rented for 500 to P1,500 per 3 hours, depending on negotiation or agreement from both parties.


It’s better to ask people who’ve been to Boracay before renting boats.


Of course, the beautiful women are also an added attraction in Boracay.

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Boracay Island is generally safe for everyone, especially women.


Who wants to sleep in this handcrafted hammock suspended several feet above?

This guy is obviously enjoying his time at Boracay Island.

I can recommend websites where you can ask further advice or suggestions from those who familiar of the Island.
Boracay Island Community (FB group)

Anong masasabi mo? 🙂

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