5 Facts About Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas celebration in the Philippines is probably one of the most unique among Christian-dominated countries in the world. In fact, it is the only Christian-dominated country in Asia, about 90% are Christians, the Catholics comprised the majority about 80%.

Christmas celebration in the former Spain colony is the longest celebrated Christmas in the whole world. I’m writing that down in detail below.

1. Three months of Christmas celebration. At the onset of the “ber” months, which is September. Some would begin playing Christmas songs and installing Christmas decors in their homes, and even some shopping malls. There are those who would only remove the decors in mid January.

2. Parol is a Filipino original. Something we can be proud of. The first parol was created by Francisco Estanislao in 1908. The world “parol” was derived from the Spanish “farol” meaning lantern or lamp.

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3. The Simbang Gabi. The Night Mass is celebrated between December 16 up to December 24.

4. Pasko original meaning is “Easter”. I’m sure majority of the Filipinos including me don’t have any idea of the origin or meaning of the word Pasko. This word was derived from the Greek word, “Pascha”. It is ironically means “Easter”.

5. The aguinaldo is not about General Emilio Aguinaldo. Okay, seriously. The word “aguinaldo” often connotes as “gift”. Gifts given usually by ninongs and ninangs. But the original meaning of the Spanish word is “bonus”.

Writing “facts” is always a knowledge adventure. Number 2 and 4, surely surprised me.

Anong masasabi mo? 🙂

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