List of Massacres Under Ferdinand Marcos


Two decades of terror have marred the administration of former madman Ferdinand Marcos with forced disappearances, killings, and mass murders or known as massacres. The most popular of these massacres are Jabidah and Escalante massacres.

In this list are the massacres done by the Ferdinand Marcos government, particularly the Philippine military. There were other mass killings I did not include such as the done civilians from boths of the Christian versus Muslim conflict.


Massacre Story Date Deaths Perpetrators
Culatingan massacre Farmers in Culatingan, Concepcion, Tarlac were killed by the Philippine Constabulary. June 13, 1966 7 Philippine Constabulary
Lapiang Malaya Massacre Civilan members of Lapiang Malaya armed with only bolos and amulets marched towards Malacañang Palace, calling for Marcos' resignation. May 21, 1967 33 Philippine Constabulary
Jabidah massacre New recruits of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) mostly from Mindanao were killed by fellow soldiers. March 18, 1968 68 Philippine Army
Manili massacre In retaliation for the killing of Christian civilians, members of Ilaga conspired with the Philippine Constabulary in the mass murder of Moro civilians including women and children. June 19, 1971 79 Ilaga militants and Philippine Constabulary
Tacbil Mosque massacre In a village of Malisbong in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat, people from 11 to 70 were murdered. September 24, 1974 1,776 Philippine Army
Bingcul Village massacre Government forces raided, burned the houses and killed the Muslim villagers. 1977 42 Philippine military
Escalante massacre The incident occured in Escalante City, Negros Occidental, the Paramilitary forces killed demonstrating civilians. September 20, 1985 20 Paramilitary forces
Massacre Story Date Deaths Perpetrators
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Escalante massacre was called such because it happened in Escalante City, Negros Occidental where 20 civilians were killed by the government paramilitary forces.

PTV has a short documentary about the Escalante massacre.


The Lapiang Malaya members who were killed by the Philippine Constabulary. Photo credits to Philippines Free Press Magazine

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