Should You Go to Kapayas Island in Misamis Occidental?

Kapayas is a Bisayan word for papaya. Although there is not a single papaya plant in the island, but according to residents there used to be many in the past.

Not so many people know about this tiny, but beautiful island located in Katipa, Misamis Occidental. Aside from local residents, only those living in Northern Mindanao can get to visit and have fun in Kapayas Island. I heard about this island from my aunt who grew up in Katipa.

On the first week of June, our family went there, through the Ozamis City route, then to Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental, then to Katipa our last stop where the hut house of my aunt is.

Below is the nipa hut of my aunt.

We stayed here for three days and two nights. Since we arrived in the afternoon, we only went to Kapayas Island the following day in the morning.

We borrowed the motorboat of our uncle, but we paid him P300 for his hardwork of taking us to and from the island.

Here is the video of us excited going to the island. This is my first, about half of us have already been in the island, but they’re still equally excited.

The island is indeed small, my estimate, it approximately 60 meters in length and 15 meters in width. Because of its small size, the local authorities limit or doesn’t allow any excursioners during the annual fiesta and on San Juan Day on June 24.

The island is probably about 2 kilometers away from the main land.

Below: Closer look of Kapayas Island. When we went there, it was low tide, lucky for us and especially for children as they can freely swim or soak in the crystal clear water. Take a good look at the photo below, you can see adults and mostly children swimming.

Video of us in boodle food fight .

It’s Free to Be in the Island
That’s right, you dont pay a single piso to have fun in Kapayas Island, even the use of the open cottages, not even bribing the guards haha. But you have to clean up your mess before leaving.

White sand and clean water
It’s almost everyone’s favorite is to walk and swim on a white sand beach and clean water. It’s far from any residential areas and or factories, so one is assured of clean seawater to swim on.

I guess that can answer the question, “should you go to Kapayas Island?”

How to Get There?
If you’re from the Visayas or Luzon, you can go directly to Ozamis City either by plane or ship. Then from there you travel northwestward by bus or van to Oroqueta City and then to Lopez Jaena, then to Barangay Katipa.

Katipa is located in Lopez Jaena Province. Kapayas Island is part of Barangay Katipa.

Below is a selected scenes of Kapayas Island.

Anong masasabi mo? 🙂

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