3 lesser known Filipino heroes

When we hear somebody says the phrase “Filipino heroes”, what quickly comes to mind are the names Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Juan Luna, and even the controversial Emilio Aguinaldo.

Filipiknow also has an interesting article entitled 5 Great Philippine Heroes Nobody Remembers, so you may also read this for added knowledge. But what I compiled are another “unsung heroes” not in Filipiknow heroes list.

1. Francisco Sendrijas (1724 – 1800) – Although, his name is famous in the island of Bohol, but generally unknown throughout the Philippines. He is popularly known as Francisco Dagohoy, a Boholano native who initiated the longest rebellion in Philippine history against the Spanish colonial government (1744 – 1828), that’s about 85 years. It was later labeled as the Dagohoy Rebellion.

Even after his death in 1800, the rebellion continued for another 28 years. He died by natural causes.


2. Macario Sakay (August 30, 1870 – September 13, 1907) – Born as Macario Sakay y de León in Tabora Street, Tondo, in Manila, was a Katipunan revolutionary who fought with Andres Bonifacio against the Spaniards.  Sakay continued his resistance against the replacement of the colonial Spaniards, the Americans.

His death was a heartbreaking one. Sakay entered into an agreement with the American occupying forces, but this was a setup to have him arrested. He was tried for sedition and was hanged to death.


3. Leon Kilat (July 27, 1873 – April 8, 1898) – The Negros-born Pantaleón Villegas y Soldi migrated in Cebu to work. It was there he met a Katipunero, and was eventually recruited into the revolutionary group.

According to legends, Leon Kilat had amulets that could dodge bullets while he advanced towards the enemy lines. If bullets hit him, he would just brush off the hit area with his hands. He could also move fast, like a lightning, thus he was nicknamed Kilat.

Betrayal by his comrades are more powerful than his amulets though. He was murdered by Apolinario Alcuitas, a fellow Katipunero.

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