4 Facts About Typhoon Sendong

I was in Iligan City when Typhoon Sendong (international name: Washi) happened in December 17, 2011. Although, me and my family were not directly affected by the typhoon, we were about 5 to 8 kilometers away from the center of devastation.

The heavy rain started the night before, December 16. The deadly flood were already wreaking havoc at the mountains, the people in the lowland areas were still oblivious of what will happen minutes or hours later.

I and my friends were involved in the relief work, so in the process I heard  stories from people of how they endured and suffered during the onslaught had me depressed for days.

1. 9th deadliest storm in history. There were a total of 1,449 deaths, including the  missing.

2. Cost of the damage. It had an estimated ₱ 2.068 billion worth of damages, or $48.4 million based on the 2012 Philippine Peso – USD rate.

3. The  Typhoon Sendong was the 19th tropical cyclone to hit the Philippines in 2011.

4. Weak speed, but huge rainwater rate. Sendong only had a wind speed reported at 101.389 kilometers per hour (55 knots  or 63 mph), but the rainfall rate dropped with 50 mm/hr in 10 straight hours that weakened the soil which caused also the landslides and large tree trunks that hit structures and people.

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