7 Facts About Manuel L. Quezon


Former President Manuel L. Quezon was the most popular political personality during his time. Making the present President Rodrigo Duterte’s popularity pales in comparison.

Almost every city in the Philippines has the Quezon surname – Quezon Avenue, Quezon St, Quezon Memorial Hospital and many more.

1. The Most Popular President. The Baler, Quezon born garnered 67.99% of the electorate for his first term, and his re-election he garnered 81.78% of the electorate.

2. Tagalog as the Official National Language. In 1936, a year after his first election as president, adopted Tagalog as the official national language based on a study.

3. 1,200 Jews were saved. European Jews took refuge in the Philippines, from 1937 to 1941 to escape the German Nazi government. President Quezon himself offered them safe haven.

4. Government in exile. Because of the Japanese Imperial Army occupation of the Philippines during the World War 2, the seat of government of the Commonwealth Republic of the Philippines was in exile in the United States of America.

5. Died of TB. Quezon unfortunately, died of tuberculosis in the United States. He was initially buried in Arlington County, Virginia, but was later repatriated to the country in Quezon Memorial Circle on August 19, 1979.

6. Intelligent lawyer. He was a lawyer who topped the board exam at 4th place.

7. Famous for this controversial quote. “I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however a bad Filipino government might be, we can always change it.”


  1. dabid matampuhin says:

    his favorite cuss word? punyeta.

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