A literally sizzling hot brownie with ice cream on top?

How is that even possible? It’s not everyday you see, hear or eat a boiling hot dessert. These type of desserts do exist, albeit rarely. There is one such dessert in a small city in Iligan, in Northern Mindanao.

Papa Jim’s Sizzlin‘, a small and new restaurant in Iligan is offering a unique dessert called the Sizzling Brownie Delight. A delectable brownie, topped with ice cream and an optional chocolate syrup served on a hot sizzling plate.

My advice is pour the chocolate syrup on the ice cream topping, so you could witness the sizzling experience if this was your reason of trying this one out.

See the one I ate, it’s on the video I recorded and edited myself.

Not only this dessert is tasty, it’s also affordable.Just P75.00, a friendly price especially for students.

Papa Jim’s another rare food offering is the Beer Coffee Float. Yes, it’s a beer mixed coffee with a floating ice cream. We’ve heard of a float drinks before, usually Coke or Sprite, but this one is beer mixed coffee. Did I already say that it’s just P65.00 only.

Papa Jim’s also cooks the usual sizzling meals – such as Pork Silog, Pork Sisig, Pork Bagnet, Chicken Teriyaki, Fried Chicken and many more. The price is between P65 and P70. Their pricing is good for those who are watchful of their budget.

You can visit their Facebook page for more information: facebook.com/papajimsizzlin.com.ph

They are located at Corner Obach Street, Poblacion, in Iligan City, and has a cellphone number 0905 157 5045.

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