Disgruntled ex-Mayor financing the Maute’s siege of Marawi City?

The Islamic State-inspired Maute terror group attacked Marawi City on May 23. The group did as what a Muslim terrorist would usually do, wreaking havoc by burning structures, killing civilians specifically Christians, and a few Muslims who make a mistake doing the Islamic prayer. A new video circulated on Facebook showing the men with beards smashing the statues inside the St. Mary’s Church.

ISIS is on a mission in re-establishing an Ottoman-like caliphate all over the world. Maute is doing that in the Philippines, Marawi as their launching base. That is the reason behind this siege we always hear about.

As an Iligan City resident myself, I couldn’t help but hear stories from friends about the “other” reason why this war in the neighboring city started. Iligan is just about 40 minutes away from Marawi City.

It is alleged that a former city mayor of Marawi “used” or “hired” (or whatever the appropriate word) the Maute family to forcibly occupy the city as his “response” to the incumbent mayor after losing in the last local election in 2016. He supplied them with weapons, cash and even drugs. I wonder if the cash and cheques with total worth of 79 million pesos recently recovered in a house was from this ex-Mayor.

Incidentally, the wife or should I say, one of the wives of this ex-Mayor is a direct relative of the Mautes.

A friend of mine who has a house in Marawi, sent me a private message after reading my Facebook post about this, and he confirmed that my information are correct. He said, practically, the whole of Marawi knows about this, it is like an an elephant in the room, even “an ordinary evacuee can attest to this story”, but would rather choose to keep silent out of fear.

Do you think this claim has some substance, or just a complete farce?

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