Don’t hire Badz Castro for your wedding

“Don’t hire” is what the victim trying to warn others from falling prey for a possible fraud.

It’s every couple’s dream to have a beautiful and memorable wedding. To achieve this, they go to the experts in the industry – photographers, makeup artists, event planners and other professionals. One such person is Ronnie “Badz” Castro of Cagayan de Oro.

Leia Bartolome Tolentino picked Badz Castro as their event stylist. Basically, the event stylist does the physical arrangement, the flowers and decorations, or in other words, the wedding must be pleasing to the literal eyes.

The wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Tolentino got featured in two popular wedding sites. Perhaps the wedding writers noticed how the couple managed to carry out despite the tight budget and done in a cool venue at that. Despite the attention, what most, even their closest friends didn’t know was the ordeal the two underwent before the the big day.

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The “ordeal” I mentioned above was when this couple from Iligan City was allegedly swindled of P10,000 by Castro for intentionally failing to provide a single service he promised he would offer.

She did her research before sealing a deal with Badz, who can now be considered as “to live up to his name”. Leia didn’t find a single negative review about him and was even mentioned in the same wedding blog that the newlyweds are recently featured in.

When I was scouting for event stylists from CDO, I found Badz Castro on Facebook and I immediately fell in love with his work. After doing an obligatory background check, I discovered that he was hired by people we know and that he has already worked with some of the popular wedding suppliers in Northern Mindanao. On top of that, he was featured on Bride and Breakfast a couple of times. So it only made sense *at that time* to get him as our event stylist.

Later, she discovered Castro is a notorious repeat offender of running off with huge amount of money from several trusting clients, not to mention the P70,000 from a single client.

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Leia is a blogger herself and have recounted this fully on her blog. She received several messages and comments from former clients of Castro after making this incident public. For an update of this, you can click this original Facebook post.

People like Ronnie Castro is a psychopath. Psycopaths are serial offenders of crime. We must make diligent research before releasing money especially if it involves thousands of pesos.

Anong masasabi mo? 🙂

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