Duterte’s 4 Specific Traffic Countermeasures

President Duterte ordered to put into action the following traffic countermeasures to solve Metro Manila‘s eternal traffic woes.

The previous administration of Noynoy Aquino as well as went before him failed to solve the traffic problems. Will the following countermeasures resolve it?

1.  First. To decongest the Roxas Boulevard of any obstructions after the Holy Week.

2. Second. To have a flexible working schedule for employees in the government agencies. Either the government employees choose the time that personally suits their work time or be assigned a schedule by their superiors.

3. Third. Banning large trucks from using the major roads.

4. Fourth. To legally hold the barangay officials accountable for failing to implement traffic laws or failure to clear the roads and streets of illegally parked vehicles and other obstructions.

There was no mention of when the actual implementation of the second to fourth countermeasures will take place.

Source: Carmudi

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