Fort Santiago Information

The restored main gate of Fort Santiago.
The Fort Santiago is the citadel protecting Intramuros, also called the Walled City, located in Manila, Philippines. This used to be the headquarters of the Spanish Colonial Government.

Fort Santiago is like a bodyguard for Intramuros (“within the walls”).

Santiago is a Spanish word for James, named after the Bible character James.

Five facts about Fort Santiago
1. The fort was originally owned by Rajah Matanda, its walls were formerly made up of lumbers, until it was overrun by the Spaniards in 1570
2. Fort Santiago was also used as headquarters by the British Royal forces when they occupied Manila for almost 2 years.
3. The first stone materials used to fortify the fort only started in 1590, finished 3 years later.
4. Jose Rizal was also detained here prior to his execution by firing squad in Luneta Park.
5. Within its walls are two churches San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral. There used to 7 churches.

How to get here
The Fort Santiago can be accessed easily. It’s basically surrounded by streets.
1. If you’re taking the LRT 1. Stop at LRT1-Central Terminal, this terminal is the closest to Fort Santiago/Intramuros.

PH Commute has detailed and various ways and instructions in getting to Fort Santiago or Intramuros.

The last steps of Jose Rizal prior to his execution by firing squad. Photo by lucianf

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