George Michael is dead

George Michael, 53 years old, formerly of Wham!, has died peacefully at home.

There is no indication of any untoward circumstances surrounding his death, police said.

Michael, whose real name is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, was born in London, became popular in the 1980s with Andrew Ridgeley in their Wham! duo.

The duo’s was also famous here among Filipinos here in the Philippines, from their songs, to imitating their hairstyles.

Michael was the more popular of the two, especially among young women, so much so that one of the most sought after beautiful actress Brook Shields became his girlfriend. George broke up with her, saying he “needs to concentrate on his career”.

He later confessed his homosexuality to the public in 1998, confirming the rumours about his secret.

According to research in Denmark, homosexuals average death age death of 51 based on the obituaries of 561 married gay men. In Norway, married gay men died at average age of 52.

So, I guess his death confirms this research as accurate.

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