How the Azkals got its Name

Azkals is the nickname of the Philippine Football Team.

The word “azkals” meaning a “street dog” was derived from two Tagalog words “aso” and “kalye”. “Aso” means dog in English, while “kalye” is street. In the Philippines, dogs that roam around the streets are called “askal”.

A fan suggest “azkal”, he got the inspiration from Calle Azul, a street in a city he lived.

The name was established in 2005 by fans at now defunct Several names were suggested until “azkal” was agreed by the majority. Although, the name were met with disgust by a few if one hears it the first time.

The name was parallel to the true plight of the national team at the time. The national players were generally unnoticed, under-sponsored, and were staying cheap hotels in their away games. Just like a true street dog.

Visit football fan forum at Azkals, and the official site AzkalsFootballTeam.

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