How to Survive the Deadly Sinulog Crowd

It’s a serious title, no exaggeration there. The Sinulog crowd in some areas especially in Mango Avenue could literally turn into a deadly stampede. It already happened, almost every Sinulog.

Although, I still have to hear a report of death, but some were hurt especially children.

Last January 17, I was in front of Robinsons in Mango, near the pedestrian overpass. People were pushing and pulling. I believe some people with crooked intentions deliberately do this either to pass through easily or so they could get the chance to steal some valuables such as cellphones and money.

Sinulog crowd
At Mango Avenue, in front of Mercury Drug.

How to survive the Sinulog crowd?
1. Better stay home. This is the surest way for you to live longer.
2. Avoid the areas were the parade would pass by. Surely, there are huge volume of people cramping up.
Specifically, avoid Jones Avenue and Mango Avenue.
3. Do not walk on the middle of the street, the throngs of people are there, and the volume would increase at noon down to the evening, especially in Mango Avenue. Better walk on the sidewalk, closer to the wall of commercial establishments.
4. Do not bring your expensive gadgets or large amount of money. If you do, better put them in the inner part of your clothes if it has secret pockets.

Sinulog crowd
At Mango Avenue, in front of Jollibee, near National Bookstore. Group of police guarding. Thanks to them.

I really thought I would die in a mini stampeded last Sunday. After I made out safe, I was shaking. Checked my camera bag. Thank God, nothing was missing or broken.

Sinulog crowd
At Jones Avenue, around 8 in the morning.

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