Mandatory Body Camera on Police is Much Better than De Lima’s stupid “Warn the Suspects” Bill


Many netizens react on Senator Leila De Lima’s bill about the police warning the suspects through a megaphone  during crime operations.

She dubbed her bill as “Anti-Extrajudicial Killing of 2016”, but the social media is abuzz about it.

Stephen Rznsk initially thought that it was a spoof. But it’s not from AdoboChronicles, guys.

Even Senator Lacson, a former police head himself, criticized the bill saying, “Ang matutuwa riyan mga criminal, mga suspect na huhulihin. Imagine, wa-warning-an mo kasi bago arestuhin,”.

This would surely put the police at a disadvantage situation during operations.

My suggestion is file a bill that requires police officers to mount a camera on the body. The police in Western countries such as the United States and England are currently doing this.

Below is an example of a body camera in action.

This would also protect both the suspects and the police should there are controversies that could transpire during the time of the arrest or raid.

In the video below, a woman suspect falsely accused the police of sexual harassment, but luckily for the police he has video to protect himself.

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