My first hotel stay at City Garden Hotel Makati

I was one of the few blessed individuals who were invited to join the Digital Halo-halo last November, 2016. Digital Halo-halo is basically, a competition where the participants are tasked to promote positive use of the internet, by creating websites or apps.

This event was generously sponsored by Facebook and Affinis Labs. They will cover the cost of our plane tickets and hotel accommodation.

I was initially worried of the plane and hotel costs, then the woman tasked about communicating with the participants told us that everything is provided for free. Everything.

The event would be held in Makati, the Philippines’ premier business district, and the hotel we are going stay at was City Garden Hotel Makati, a 3-star rated hotel.

Reminder, there are two City Garden Hotels located in the same streets, but the other one is City Garden Grand Hotel, from the same management, but slightly expensive price or maybe catering to a specific market.

This is my first to stay in a 3-star hotel or even any star rated hotels for that matter. In my travels, it’s usually in pension houses.

Philippine Airlines plane
When I booked a ticket in my city‘s ticket outlet, I first looked for the cheapest ticket price with Philippine Airlines, since I’m PAL fan, then I remembered, “ticket will be reimbursed”, so bought the premium economy ticket.

My City Garden Hotel Makati overall review
It maybe my first to stay in a star-rated hotel, but I’m not ignorant. I first went to the receiving counter, oh ha. The girl in the other side said I’m booked with another guy with last name Octava. I later learned that he is also a blogger, and his site is Mr Pogi Tips.

The employees in the counter were nice and courteous, but I thought “this must be just normal, but probably I wont get this type of courtesy later or in the next few days.”

But I was wrong, every time I meet the hotel’s employees, they would always greet me everywhere whether in the hallways or elevator. If it’s inside the elevator they would ask me which floor I would go and they would push the button for me.

If the elevator is full, the employee would go out of the and let a customer in for his place.

The breakfast
Our accommodation also comes along with free unlimited breakfast. It has several delicacies to choose from, Filipino, Korean, American and many others.

This is a Filipino breakfast dish, but after this first plate I ate Korean.

The room
I was billeted in a twin room, not sure what specific “twin” room this is. But I’m guessing this is the Executive Twin room, and it costs about ₱3,459.00 per night.

Since, I am new to this hotel staying thing, I was impressed that they change beddings every single day.

The room has two types of tables, one is this typical study table and one small table. Just perfect for a room with two occupants. (Photo credits to Mr. Pogi Tips)

city garden hotel makati
We actually used this iron for our clothes and shirts, and my wet underwear. So, City Garden Hotel gets two thumps up from me for this useful item in our room.

Though, I haven’t used this safety vault. Could be useful for businessmen carrying expensive items.

One thing I like the most inside this bathroom, is its strong pressure of that ass cleaner. I don’t even need a tissue after cleaning my soil-stained anus. It’s that strong.

This small swimming pool is located on the topmost floor or rooftop of the hotel. Though, I have not used this extra facility, it’s because, I still don’t know how to swim hehe.

How to get to City Garden Hotel Makati
The exact and official address of this hotel is :
7870 Makati Avenue corner Durban Street (near Kalayaan Avenue)
Poblacion, Makati City 1210 Philippines

Several ways to ge to the City Garde Hotel.
1. Take a bus with Ayala plate, then stop at Ayala Avenue, specifically at bus stop near SGV or Metrobank.
2. Take MRT going to Buendia Station in EDSA. Then take a jeepney near the MRT station. These jeepneys pass along Buendia Avenue. Stop in Makati Avenue, corner Buendia Ave. Take a short walk to City Garden Hotel.
3. From Taft Avenue corner Buendia in Pasay-Makati area. Take a jeepney with Buendia sign. Stop in Makati Avenue, corner Buendia Ave. Take a short walk to City Garden Hotel.

The most notable structures close to City Garden Hotel are Department of Tourism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Location map of City Garden Hotel Makati

Contact numbers and email:
Phone: +63 2 899-1111
For Room Reservation: +63 2 8353535

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