Netizens slammed ABS-CBN for anti-Duterte ads and news

The past few weeks has many Filipinos especially Duterte supporters witnessed how ABS-CBN has become. Channel 2 has been airing news articles both on TV and on their websites that selectively expose Mayor Duterte’s controversies.

But it’s not all perfect, ABS-CBN made a number of gaffes in the process. When we rush things, we make a lot of mistakes.

ABS-CBN’s supposed expose of Mayor Duterte’s properties was directly responded with protest from the real owners like this one.
anti-duterte abs-cbn



The recent anti-Duterte television ad paid by Senator Trillanes had ABS-CBN employees dismayed. Like this tweet by Karen Davela herself.
anti-duterte abs-cbn

Another ABS-CBN host Kat de Castro condemned the anti-Duterte ads. de Castro is the daughter of Noli de Castro.
anti-duterte abs-cbn

ABS-CBN also posted a survey result where Mar Roxas is leading. The survey company is D’ Strafford, but it was later found out that it’s a fake company, whose SEC registration was just dated April 11, and the domain name for its website was only registered on April 14.

The article is no longer posted on, a similar article was also removed from and
d'strafford fake survey

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