PHL360° Episode 5 : East Express – Rough Start


What do an offbeat rough terrain, piping hot summer afternoon, an ATV and the far east await our Sporty Tripper Hannah and Urban Nomad Chyng? A rough start to the enchanting peninsula of the Bicol Region.

After a long 10-hour bus ride to Legaspi City, the duo wasted no time for thrill. Known as the daredevil’s countryside, Bicol got loads in store for the girls. The chug of the ATV signaled their sweet ordeal to the highlands. Hannah and Chyng went down and dirty, struggled up and down the feet of the volcano, got lost and rerouted, but with the gorgeous, unobstructed landscapes their eyes have fallen on to, slipping a notch has not become a part of their vocabulary at all.

While fierce is what we get in this episode, mouthwatering eats top it off. Join team East as they venture out their taste buds to Bicol delicacies from peppery to sweet and salty.

What’s more, stay tuned for the whereabouts of our other six travelers from the west, north, and down south as they up their adventure sleeves for their more heaps of thrill only at PHL360!

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