SM Seaside City Cebu

If you’re from Cebu, I’m sure you’re one of those anticipating the opening of SM’s newest mall named Seaside City. It will be 4th largest mall in the country. This is located in the SRP or South Road Properties, located along the coastline of Cebu City.

This spaceship-like mall will open on November 27, 2015 despite DPWH announcing that they found defects in the construction.

It has a lot area of 93, 570 sq. m and a total floor area of 291,043 sq. m. SM Megamall is still the largest mall in the Philippines with a 570,000 sqm floor area.

It has a church! Yes, a designed church solely for religious activities. Most malls around the country only temporarily converts a certain large space into a makeshift church on Sundays. Though the location of the church is separately located a few meters from the mall building.

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