Students and Teachers evacuated out of MSU-Marawi

Professor and blogger Richard Celeste posted photos showing vans purposely to carry the students and faculty to move them out of the University.

Vans have arrived to fetch the students and faculty evacuees. Thanks to the MSU Administrators led by President Habib Macaayong. Thank God!

Hundreds, mostly students are still trapped inside the Mindanao State University campus.

Hundreds of MSU-Marawi students, faculty and employees are still trapped, while the Islamic State-inspired Maute group are occupying the city’s business district, just a few kilometers away from the University.

These are the vans to fetch the MSU-Marawi students, faculty and employees out to safety, most likely in Iligan City.

MSU-Marawi students are carried by private vans to Iligan City.


Yesterday, Celeste post this on his Facebook account:


We’re safe here but we’re agitated. There’s power outage, locked gates of boarding houses and closed stores 😞We are having a hard time accessing food, water and daily essentials. Everyone gets bothered now and MSU maybe safe at the moment, but anxiety is a lot disturbing; not to mention the crossfire so loud we can hardly take a good sleep.

Would it be possible if the Armed Forces of the Philippines and other authorities organize a Rescue Team which includes using choppers and helicopters. Some roads are not easily passable due to the presence of lawless elements and heavy traffic. Hundreds of students and some faculty are still here in MSU.

To who ever reads this post, please help us that this message reaches the authorities.

Photo credits to Awesome Mindanao

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