Philippines vs Singapore Ticket Information

Source: Ticket information for the Philippines vs Singapore FIFA International Friendly game on November 15, 2012, at 7:00PM to be held in Cebu City. Ticket prices: VIP: P2,000 Red: P800 White: P600 Blue: P400 Yellow: P400 Pink: P200 Green: P200. Portable bleachers: P1,000. Venue: Cebu City Sports Center, also known as Abellana Sports Center.Read More

How the Azkals got its Name

Azkals is the nickname of the Philippine Football Team. The word “azkals” meaning a “street dog” was derived from two Tagalog words “aso” and “kalye”. “Aso” means dog in English, while “kalye” is street. In the Philippines, dogs that roam around the streets are called “askal”. A fan suggest “azkal”, he got the inspiration fromRead More


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