Saludo Kami sa Pamilya Pacquiao

The Pacquiao family are favorite subject in jokes by gays, usually in comedy bars and TV shows. The most famous gay who make fun of the Pacquiaos is Vice Ganda. But despite all the bullying on Pacquiao because of their think Bisaya accent, not once did we ever hear them complain on the media. NotRead More

Vice Ganda draws flak for his condemnation on Pacquiao

Vice has the balls (no pun intended) to label Pacquiao a “False Prophet”. Tables were turned on Vice Ganda who recently condemned Manny Pacquiao’s controversial opinion on same-sex marriage. Vice Ganda was specifically offended by Pacquiao’s choice of words such as “masahol pa sa hayop” or “worse than animals” in English. Pacquiao had his shareRead More