Explosion at Davao City, kills 10

davao bombing

Explosion at the night market in Davao City has killed at least 10 people at the time of reporting. The incident happened at 10:20 PM in Roxas, near Ateneo de Davao University. It’s still unclear as to what type of explosive device that set off. According to social media post, another bombing, second incident stillRead More

Netizens slammed ABS-CBN for anti-Duterte ads and news

The past few weeks has many Filipinos especially Duterte supporters witnessed how ABS-CBN has become. Channel 2 has been airing news articles both on TV and on their websites that selectively expose Mayor Duterte’s controversies. But it’s not all perfect, ABS-CBN made a number of gaffes in the process. When we rush things, we makeRead More