The Complete Philippine Flag history

This is a timeline or list of all the official national flags of the Philippines.

There was no national flag before the Spaniards came here in 1521. The Philippines wasn’t yet a nation. It was composed of several small clustered kingdoms. Although each kingdom had its own official flag or banner, but were not united as a whole nation.

The first flag shown in the video is the Spanish Imperial flag in 1565. Then it’s all Spain-related flags from 1565 up to 1898, except in 1762 – 1764, the two-year period where Great Britain colonized the Philippines.

The video can be confusing because there were several periods where two or even three national flags were flown. An example during the World War in 1942 to 1943, the flags of the United States, the Philippines and Japan were used simultaneously.

Watch the full video below. Don’t forget to follow’s official Youtube channel.


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