The Food is Why I Always Prefer Flying with Philippine Airlines

Probably, my last 6 flights has always been with Philippine Airlines or PAL. The reason primarily is service – the lesser postponed flights compared to other airlines. And of course, the food!

Even if I often buy economy tickets, it always gives me a moment of anticipation every time the snack or lunch is served.

I’m originally from Iligan, so I was delighted to see a peanut with Philippine Airlines brand that says “Iligan-Style” peanuts. When I posted it on Facebook, a friend commented that this could be Chedings Peanuts purposely repacked for PAL. Possibly, because cooking greaseless peanuts is a meticulous process.

When I traveled to Manila on November 22 for a Hackathon event, my ticket was premium economy. Again, I was excited, and glad to see this. I preferred water, a softdrink was an option. I forgot the name of this sandwich, but this one is enough to fill one’s stomach for lunch. It’s my first eat a yogurt served by the airline.

This one is delicious, it’s chicken asado bun.

I’d rather spend a few hundreds more between 200 to 500 pesos for a good service than suffer bad customer service with other airlines, which could potentially cost a passenger more than P1,000 in the process.


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