The Regret of Pia Wurtzbach’s Ex-boyfriend

I could describe this man as a “man of regrets” based on his Facebook post. The man who claims to be Pia Wurtzbach’s ex-boyfriend relates in a post dated December 22, 2015, the moment he met the future beauty queen at the LRT Station in V. Mapa in 2007.

They were both students then. He was from UST, thus his story is posted at The UST Files, and Wurtzbach was studying at Center for Culinary Arts Studies. He also wrote where their usual meeting place was, and that Pia was already dreaming of becoming a Miss Universe someday. He just brushed those dreams off.

He recalls how he mistreated Pia, all her efforts and love for him. He even flirted with with another woman. Nevertheless, he is honest with his regret. He vows to make right how treats women.

“Aaminin ko. Gago ako noon. ‘Di ko siya sineseryoso. ‘Di ako nag-eexert ng effort. Lagi ko siyang tinatake for granted. Madalas akong ‘di nagrereply. ‘Pag may lakad kami, minsan talkshit akong ‘di sumisipot. Napakagago. Inundervalue ko yung worth niya.”


The ex-boyfriend and Pia are mentally world’s apart, each should truly support each other’s dreams. He was still immature. Well, as they say, “we learn the hard way”.

I had a similar experience with this man. Playing with women’s emotions and had also my own regret when the tables were turned against me. Next time, pursue women honestly, and be sure to be emotionally prepared.

Read his full story below.

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