Video: Man Violates Traffic Signs… Just like other Filipinos


We Filipinos are indecisive. almost everyone of us are – the ordinary citizens, our parents, the politicians, our company supervisor.

Everyday, our indecisiveness can be seen everywhere. We can be strict today,  but the next day we become lax and comfortable. We are all guilty of it, but we blame the politicians and police for their ineptness. The politicians and the government is just a reflection of who are individually.

Violating traffic laws and road signs are an everyday normalcy that we do. The police wont reprimand the violator today, although yesterday somebody was apprehended for the same violation.

The video below is an example that we usually do, but we don’t feel any guilt because others are doing it too.

Change is now, but we have to do it starting from our own self. We just have to do it.

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