Wanted: Maute Terrorists

A group of 50 men with high-powered firearms believed to be the Maute Group stormed into the Marawi City Jail on August 27, to free the fellow Maute members. The photo below are the 8 escapees.

The men: Hata Macabanding Lantud, Muhammad Sianodin Mulok, Umair Pacora Khalil, Hashim Balawag Maute and Jamil Barua Amirol

The women: Norhanna Balawag Maute, Nasifah Pundug and Hafidah Romato Maute.

Identifying the women is a long-shot as Muslim women cover their faces as part of the Islamic obligation.


Please contact the police and military authorities if have information with the above persons. Call 167, 169, 222-9450 and 911.


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