Watch: Philippine Army Scout Ranger recruitment training

Our very own Philippine Army Scout Rangers are one of the best elite special forces in the world. Getting into the Ranger group, a recruit must endure and pass an advanced 6 month training at Camp Tecson, in San Miguel, Bulacan.

In this video, there are 206 applicants, who are already soldiers from different regiments of the Philippine Military. All of the trainees are removed of their ranks. If a trainee is already a major in the Air Force, in this scout training, he is a nobody.

In the first day of training alone, about 35 trainees were dropped, as they could not endure a 5 hour walk and light running.

7 thoughts on “Watch: Philippine Army Scout Ranger recruitment training

  1. Mee too i want to become a scout ranger sir i want to fulfill my dream to serve our country can i ask if what are the requirements??tnx sir

  2. we know that those people can joined this, but for me even hard no exemption because im a pro athletic calisthenic

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