Why the StreetBy App is Beneficial for both Business owners and Users

Convenience is human nature’s goal in every area of our life. Be it in small or big decisions on a daily basis. Checking the ATM can now be done online, in a few minutes, we can already view our bank account. This used to take probably an hour if the ATM is several kilometers away from where we are.

In our current era of smartphones, several apps have sprouted to give us that convenience, whether we are a common user or a business owner. Ordering a food from a famous coffee shop would no longer be a hassle. We don’t need to lineup with other patrons to buy our favorite food or drink. The Mindanao-based app, Streetby can do this shortcut for us.

Streetby, the company behind this app is still young. It was established just in February of 2016, but it already has several merchants listed on the catalog. It has restaurants, clothing shops, service providers, hotels and many more. But rest assured, this is not a fly-by-night app. It is backed by a well-funded company with an aim of widening the app’s coverage not just in Mindanao, and gradually the whole of the Philippines.

How it benefits the user
Using Streetby is like being a premium club member, you can get the food you ordered first without literally lining up to purchase. You can order through the app while you are on your way to the restaurant.

The app is currently serving users in Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon and Iligan City, but a non-Mindanao resident can still use this amazing app. For example, a traveler from Manila can book in advance a hotel room located in CDO. That’s why the app’s tagline is “home for travelers, lifestyle for locals”.

How it benefits the business owner
Listing their business is free for merchants, and not just that, it can also serve as a free marketing for the brand or service.

A small or medium business owner no longer has to stress himself or add expenses by creating their own app. Streeby can do the buying and selling for them.

Agila Innovations, Inc. the company behind this will also be launching Streetby Delivery. So, we all watch out for that as well.

Download Streetby now, and start tapping. Available in Android OS and iOS.

Watch the videos below for more information about this app.

This one is in Cebuano, you can visit Bisaya.com for further Bisaya knowledge.


  1. Hi Salamat kayo ani pilipinas org. 🙂 -developer from streetby hehhe.

    1. Filipino says:

      You’re welcome, Van.

  2. […] Are you a business owner, and thinking of adding your business or service? Read the benefits of having your business in StreetBy. […]

  3. […] Are you a business owner, and thinking of adding your business or service? Read the benefits of having your business in StreetBy. […]

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