You may have to think twice before buying a Nissan Navara

A growing number of angry Nissan Navara owners are up in arms, hopefully it lead to a literal one.

Several owners of the Navara have complained of a terrible rust in the chassis that causes it to split in half. Yes, in half.

The affected models are D40 and some ­Pathfinder R51, the SUV type or family version.

Still, the Japanese maker still have not issued an official recall, and was accused of deliberately overlooking the issue.

This Nissan Navara 2007 was drove by the parents of Michelle Palmer. The pick-up went up for a speed of 60mph before it snapped. Palmer said, “It could have killed my mum and dad”.

As of now, the affected regions are in the United Kingdom, countries include England, Wales and Scotland. No know issues yet here in Asia or in the Philippines.

Closed-up of rusted chassis of Nissan Navara.

The Sun
Nissan Navara Chassis Group



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